CranioSacral Therapy for Paediatrics (babies and children)

CranioSacral Therapy for Paediatrics’ has been scientifically researched and clinically proven to benefit:

  • Colic; Reflux
  • Ear Infections; Glue Ear
  • Feeding Problems
  • Birth Trauma
  • Brain Damage; Misshapen Skulls
  • Plagiocephaly/Flat Head Syndrome
  • Torticollus
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Anger Issues
  • Learning Challenges
  • Sexual Abuse

I have had several sessions with Jacqueline now and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed immeasurably for the better in so many ways. Jacqueline diagnosed and treated many issues I had with energetic blockages and negative emotional energy from the past and after the first couple of sessions, I felt a lightness of being and such a deep sense of peace that was just incredible and I continue to feel real ongoing benefits from the sessions she conducted with me even now. What Jacqueline does is truly amazing and she has a unique and powerful gift. I recommend ANYONE book a session with her, you will be astounded at the massive and positive results in so many areas of your life. Thanks a million Jacqueline. Steve D.

Jacqueline is a fantastic therapist, and has brought me to profound changes for the better, deep deep healing and I will be eternally grateful. Chris M.