As a CranioSacral Energetic facilitator, I have the intention:

  1. To facilitate change and to assist your body, heart, mind and soul to heal and re balance, so they come into alignment with your truth.
  2. To facilitate your awareness and resolution/healing of core issues and belief systems, which are causing illness or dysfunction in your body and keeping you stuck, thus preventing you from moving forward.
  3. To teach you skills to heal yourself.
  4. To give practical guidance as to how you can make different, more loving choices for yourself in everyday life.
  5. To create a safe space, coming from a place of compassion and respect.

I have had several sessions with Jacqueline now and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed immeasurably for the better in so many ways. Jacqueline diagnosed and treated many issues I had with energetic blockages and negative emotional energy from the past and after the first couple of sessions, I felt a lightness of being and such a deep sense of peace that was just incredible and I continue to feel real ongoing benefits from the sessions she conducted with me even now. What Jacqueline does is truly amazing and she has a unique and powerful gift. I recommend ANYONE book a session with her, you will be astounded at the massive and positive results in so many areas of your life. Thanks a million Jacqueline. Steve D.

Jacqueline is a fantastic therapist, and has brought me to profound changes for the better, deep deep healing and I will be eternally grateful. Chris M.